The River Tame - A Birmingham Gem!

The River Tame is the main river of the West Midlands and up until the 19th century it was considered an urban river, a productive fishery and popular with anglers. 

The River Tame is to be found north of Birmingham, flowing near Spaghetti Junction, near Aston and Nechells, as well as near Hodge Hill. To the east, it passes Castle Bromwich, and goes as far as Coleshill, and up to Staffordshire (before joining the River Trent). To the west, the River Tame gets close to the Tame Valley Canal, and passes through Perry Barr, Hamstead and towards Walsall. It continues towards Great Bridge and Oldbury.


The River Tame in Birmingham


The River Tame in Bromford

At Bromford Lane, the River Tame crosses over part of the Outer Circle bus route (11A and 11C). It is close to Heartlands Parkway and the Fort Parkway. The Fort Shopping Centre is in walking distance. The river crosses under the M6 motorway and the railway lines underneath that and then heads towards Castle Bromwich.

River Tame Bromford

The River Tame in Bromford (December 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame at Salford Park

In Aston, the River Tame flows past Salford Park and the Aston Reservoir. From the Lichfield Road Bridge, alongside the Aston Expressway at Spaghetti Junction and the M6 motorway. From here, the river heads towards Perry Barr, to the north west, and to Hodge Hill to the east.

River Tame Salford Park

The River Tame at Salford Park (December 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame in Aston

The River Tame heads west below the Aston Expressway, A38(M) towards Electric Avenue in Aston. There is also a brick viaduct that carries the Chase Line towards Walsall. The river turns at a sharp right angle towards the Holford Industrial Estate, and then down towards Perry Barr.

River Tame AstonThe River Tame near Electric Avenue, Aston (September 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame at Witton

From Witton Station, if you walk up Witton Road towards Brookvale Road, you will see the River Tame heading parallel at one point with the Brookvale Road in Witton alongside a brick wall following the bridge. The river continues to bend around towards Perry Barr. There is now words in capitals that says "BARRING RIVER ENLIVENING TAME MEANDERING RIVER REFORMING TAME FORGING RIVER POOLING TAME SEEKING RIVER MELDING TAME TRAVERSING  RIVER MEANDERING TAME" and so on. This was installed during 2015 and 2016.

River Tame WittonRiver Tame from Brookvale Road in Witton (September 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown

The River Tame in Perry Barr

In Perry Barr, the River Tame flows under the Aldridge Road. There is a modern road bridge, used now by motorists, and the old Perry Bridge. This bridge dates to the 18th Century and is Grade II listed, but is for pedestrian use only now. It was a refurbishment of a medieval bridge. The River Tame also crossed under the Walsall Road near the One Stop Shopping Centre. The Perry Barr Flyover was demolished in one weekend during February 2021. The river was also near Birmingham City University's former City North Campus. It was demolished to make way for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village, although it will no longer be used for that purpose now (just flats).

River Tame Perry Barr

The River Tame from the Perry Bridge in Perry Barr (August 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame in Perry Hall Park

The River Tame flows through Perry Hall Park between Hamstead in the north towards One Stop Shopping Centre in Perry Barr to the south east.

Perry Hall ParkRiver Tame from Perry Hall Park (November 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame between Handsworth Wood, Hamstead and Great Barr

Leaving Perry Barr, the River Tame passes through Perry Hall Park and Forge Mill Lake Local Nature Reserve. Heading north through Great Barr, it crosses under the Tame Valley Canal, and the M6. It then passes under the Walsall Road (near Tame Bridge Parkway Station), following the M6 closely, and the Bescot Yard (freight trains) heading towards Bescot Stadium Station in Walsall.


The River Tame in the Black Country

The River Tame at Bescot Stadium, Walsall

If you get off a train on the Chase Line at Bescot Stadium Station (to go to the home ground of Walsall FC), you head down some steps, and cross over a bridge over the River Tame. Before going under the M6 motorway, before you get to Bescot Crescent. There is a nearby hotel at the Park Inn. From here, the River Tame then turns south towards Wednesbury, and the Tame Valley Canal.

River Tame Bescot StadiumThe River Tame at Bescot Stadium in Walsall (November 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame can be found near the Walsall Canal, at James Bridge Aqueduct, down Bentley Mill Way and to James Bridge.

River TameThe River Tame at James Bridge in Walsall (April 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame in Wednesbury, Great Bridge and Oldbury

From Bescot Stadium, the River Tame heads down through Wednesbury, passing Hydes Road Pool. It crosses under the Tame Valley Canal again, and Black Country New Road, and then under the Walsall Canal. It next flows through Sheepwash Local Nature Reserve, passing John Lane Pool and Pump House Pool. Plus the much smaller Pylon Pool and Rose Lane Pool. The River Tame next goes through a tunnel under the Birmingham to Wolverhampton railway line and the Mainline Canal of the BCN. Next it passes under the Gower Branch (off the mainline canal) heading north of Oldbury towards Sandwell & Dudley Station.


The River Tame at Sandwell & Dudley Station near Oldbury

Between West Bromwich and Oldbury in Sandwell, you can find another section of the River Tame. Under Sandwell & Dudley Station (on the Birmingham to Wolverhampton railway line). It is close to the Birmingham Navigations Mainline Canal and National Cycle Network Route 81. The Railway Inn is the nearest pub in Oldbury.

River Tame Sandwell & Dudley StationRiver Tame at Sandwell & Dudley Station (September 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame can also be seen from the Bromford Road in West Bromwich, not far from Sandwell & Dudley Station.

River TameRiver Tame from Bromford Road, West Bromwich (February 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame in Staffordshire

The River Tame at Tamworth

In Staffordshire, the River Tame heads north past the Tameside Nature Reserve. It enters the town of Tamworth (once the Capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mercia). Passing under the A5 road, and the Borrowbit Lake. The River Tame gets close to the Castle Grounds of Tamworth Castle. Cloe to the Lady Bridge, you can see how wide the River Tame actually is. There is also a Flood Relief Channel to the west.

River Tame Tamworth

The River Tame in Tamworth. Photography by Elliott Brown

The Tame then continues towards Alrewas, home of the National Memorial Memorial Arboretum.


The River Tame at the National Memorial Arboretum

Heading through Alrewas, Staffordshire, the River Tame passes through the National Memorial Arboretum. Beyond here is more lakes before the River Tame ends at the River Trent. 

River Tame National Memorial Arboretum

The River Tame at the National Memorial Arboretum (April 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown


The River Tame from Castle Bromwich to Kingsbury

Heading north of Castle Bromwich along the M6 motorway, it passes close to Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens. The river passes Water Orton (which has it's own railway station). Crossing the M42 into Colesehill, it gets close to Coleshill Parkway Station. Heading north past Ladywalk Nature Reserve, then Whitacre Heath. Further north in Marston, it passes the Lea Marston Purification Lakes as well as Kingsbury Water Park (which includes several lakes including Hemlingford Water and Bodymoor Heath Water). Crossing the M42 again, near Bromley Croft Children's Farm (plus more lakes). Further north is Middleton Lakes RSPB Reserve.


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