Introducing Frankley Reservoir in Birmingham

Frankley Reservoir is next to the larger Bartley Reservoir, both providing drinking water for the City.  As with Bartley it is lovely spot to take in a bit of bird watching.

Frankley Reservoir is in Frankley, Birmingham, close to Frankley Lane.

Frankley ReservoirFrankley Reservoir (October 2023). Photography by Simon Felton


There is no public access. Site of the Frankley Water Treatment Works.

Frankley ReservoirFrankley Reservoir from Egg Hill (March 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


History of Frankley Reservoir

Frankley Reservoir is a semi-circular reservoir for drinking water, operated by Severn Trent Water. It's on Waterworks Drive in Frankley. There is no access to members of the public. It's construction was authorised by the Birmingham Corporation Water Act of 1892. It was built for the Birmingham Corporation Water Department to the designs of Abram Kellett of Ealing in 1904.

Frankley ReservoirFrankley Reservoir (March 2010). Photography by Andrew Abbott


It contains 900,000 cubic metres (200,000,000 imp gal) of water received from the Elan Valley Reservoirs in Wales, which arrives via the Elan Aqueduct. It was leaking before 1987, about 540 litres (120 imp gal) per second. But Ground-penetrating radar was used to isolate the leaks. It is close to St Leonard's Church, Frankley, and can be seen from the Birmingham Panorama spot at Egghill Lane.

Frankley ReservoirFrankley Reservoir on Google Maps, Hybrid View

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