Lifford Reservoir, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

Lifford Reservoir is situated on Tunnel Lane near Lifford Hall in Lifford near Kings Norton, Birmingham. Built in 1815 near the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. Fishing is permitted here.

Where is Lifford Reservoir?

Lifford Reservoir is on Tunnel Lane, Lifford, King's Norton, Birmingham, B30 3JN. Near Lifford Hall and Lifford Lane. Is is also near the Lifford Lane Tip.


In brief

Lifford Reservoir was built by the Worcester & Birmingham Canal Company in 1815 in order to compensate Lifford Mill for the loss of water. It is close to Kings Norton Junction where the Stratford-on-Avon Canal meets the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. These days fishing is permitted around the reservoir, but there is a flytipping and litter problem here, so the Council has installed a height barrier for all vehicles.

Lifford ReservoirLifford Reservoir (August 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Lifford Reservoir - history

The reservoir was built in 1815, due to Lifford Mill loosing water to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, in order to compensate them for the loss of water. The mill is no longer here. The nearby Lifford Hall dates to the 17th century. The site is quite close to the Lifford Lane Tip. There is plenty of geese, ducks and other wildfowl here. Fishing is permitted at Lifford Reservoir.

Lifford Reservoir

Lifford Reservoir

Lifford ReservoirLifford Reservoir (August 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Lifford Mill

Lifford Mill and it's pool lay on the south side of Tunnel Lane. A mill pool and reservoir was created when the Worcester & Birmingham Canal was built in the early 19th century, although a mill is recorded on the Rea in this area, as early as the mid 14th century. Between 1873 and 1890 it was occupied by an India Rubber manufacturer, Capon Heaton who moved to Hazelwell Mill in 1895. The mill was then bought by J & E Slurge chemical manufacturers and by 1900 it was abandoned as the company expanded.

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