Brookvale Park, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

In 1826 a waterworks company formed to supply water to the inhabitants of Birmingham and on 20 July 1856 the waterworks company acquired the Brookvale site from Wyrley Birch for £3,600.

Brookvale Park is based around a large lake which used to be a reservoir, Brookvale Park was officially opened on 7th October 1909 and until 1926, Brookvale Park Lake was used as an open-air swimming pool operated by the Birmingham Baths Committee.

Brookvale Park

Brookvale Park Lake (December 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

The park is now home to a bowling green, tennis courts, a play area and a sailing club. There's also 2 kilometre walking route through the park.

If heading from Witton Lakes, there is an entrance on George Road, near Lakeside Walk. To the south there is entrances to the park from Park Road.

The Brookvale Park Bird Statue is not too far from the bridge that you would cross over to get around the Brookvale Park Lake, if walking in an clockwise direction. It is also called the Dove of Peace.

Brookvale Park

Dove of Peace sculpture at Brookvale Park (December 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

A Sailing Club is also based at this park.

Brookvale Park

Sailing Club house at Brookvale Park (December 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

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